Top 5 Schools In and Around Tustin Ranch, CA

Best Schools in Tustin Ranch, CA

Whether you are living in Tustin Ranch, CA or moving to Tustin Ranch, CA your child or children’s education should be a deciding factor on where you live. You want the best education possible to ensure a path of success from infant to adulthood.

Tustin Unified School District located in Tustin Ranch, CA is one of the best and highly rated public school districts around and is known to have some of the best schools in Tustin Ranch, CA. With its focus on its schools having high academic standards and being committed to a tradition of excellence, the students of schools in this district have many diverse opportunities to excel in their learning.

The mission of the Tustin Unified School District is to ensure that each student optimizes individual achievement through an education system characterized by challenging and exciting curricula and inspiring personalized instruction, in partnership with our dynamic and involved communities. This mission is the foundation of why the schools listed below are some of the best schools in Tustin Ranch, CA. 

Finding the right school can be overwhelming. Let the following list of the Top 5 Schools in and around Tustin Ranch, CA make this task a bit easier for you. 

Students off to the Best Schools in Tustin Ranch, CA

1. Ladera Elementary


Address: 2515 Rawlings Way Tustin, CA 92780

Phone Number: (714) 730-7505


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Ladera Elementary School Staff is committed to continuing to build upon Ladera Elementary’s legacy of excellence and achievement that has allowed it to be ranked as one of the top 5 schools in and around Tustin, Ca. With Ladera Elementary students showing high test scores, we can be sure strong academic skills are one of the main reasons they are ranked as one of the top schools in and around Tustin, CA. 

Mission Statement: To create a positive learning environment with high expectations for all.   

Review: “We love the small tight-knit community that Ladera has to offer. The teachers, principal, and PTO are very involved and get things done. The parents are committed to their children’s education.”

Small Group of Students Learning

2. Peters Canyon Elementary


Address: 26900 Peters Canyon Road Tustin, CA 92782

Phone Number: (714) 730-7540


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With a solid, standards-based academic foundation, Peters Canyon Elementary School provides all students with the capacity to think, to reason, and to participate fully in a multicultural society. Peters Canyon Elementary works hard to maintain an educational program of excellence where all students can learn and succeed. 

Mission Statement: To promote academic, social, and technological excellence in a caring environment and to prepare students, in partnership with parents and our community, to be life-long, self-directed learners in a diverse society.   

Review: “Outstanding school with great staff. Teachers are caring, genuine, helpful and friendly. The campus is very clean and feels safe.” 

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3. Heritage Elementary


Address: 15400 Lansdowne Rd.  Tustin, CA 92782-0222

Phone Number: (714) 460-2066


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Heritage Elementary knows that in a changing world that is highly competitive, it is vital for children to be fully equipped for problem-solving, to know how to collect and measure data while discerning all the information available to them.  

Students attending Heritage Elementary are educated using the STEAM method - the study of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math providing the skills and foundation for all students to be successful at whatever career they choose.  

Goal:  Our goal for young students is to provide them with a well-rounded education, enabling them to reach their full potential in life. 

Mission Statement:  We believe in our responsibility to partner with parents, creating an ideal opportunity in which students will have the opportunity to:

  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Explore a diverse, project-based curriculum
  • Prepare to succeed in a global environment
  • Provide service to a growing community
  • Participate in character education, developing respect for others through exemplary citizenship
  • Experience cooperative educational communities in all content areas from fine arts to technology
  • Develop into lifelong learners

Review:  “Heritage Elementary’s focus on STEAM and project-based learning make it stand out among the other schools in TUSD! 

Students learning through science and technology

4. Myford Elementary School


Address: 3181 Trevino Dr., Tustin, CA 92780

Phone Number: (714) 734-1875


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Myford Elementary School believes strongly that every student can learn. Knowing also that students differ in learning styles and abilities, teachers at Myford Elementary adapt lessons using research-based strategies to allow students multiple opportunities and ways to master standards.  

Having earned many accolades over the years, your child or children will receive a most excellent education attending Myford Elementary School.  

Mission Statement:  Maximizing student learning and social responsibility with high expectations for all.  

Review:  “Proud to have my child at Myford. I love the staff and the education.” 

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5. Hicks Canyon Elementary School


Address: 3817 Viewpark, Tustin, CA 

Phone Number: (714) 734-1878


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Providing a world-class learning environment where all students strive to achieve extraordinary success is the primary goal of Hicks Canyon Elementary School. The vision of Hicks Canyon Elementary “Believe There is GOOD in OUR World” is the basis for shaping each student to be the good in our world.  

Placing in the top 10% of all schools in California for overall test scores should put Hicks Canyon Elementary on the top of your list of best schools to consider if moving to Tustin Ranch, CA.  

Mission Statement:  Be empowered to become leaders by exhibiting integrity and practicing empathy and compassion. Embrace diversity in order to build a strong, safe community of student-centered, forward-thinking learning. 

Students Helping Each Other

Review:  “Hicks Canyon is a phenomenal school. The admin and teachers truly care about the students and their learning. We have been thrilled with our teachers all 4 years in attendance. The parents are very involved. PTO funds PE, music, art, computer programs (for kids to use at home and school to supplement learning). Hicks students get quality teaching and well-rounded education.”

There are many reasons to choose a school in Tustin Ranch, California, especially from an educational perspective. However, another reason to choose a school from the above-mentioned top 5 schools in and around Tustin Ranch, CA  is that these schools are surrounded by some of the best neighborhoods in Tustin Ranch, CA. Tustin Ranch is an incredible residential community that offers many amenities. Many of the neighborhoods are located next to a beautiful park. A few subdivisions even include their very own private parks with resort-style amenities.  

Which of the best schools in Tustin Ranch, CA will be your choice?

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