Top Schools In North Tustin: Everything You Need To Know

North Tustin is a community in sunny Orange County, California. It is known for having great weather and beautiful scenery. North Tustin is home to incredible views. It has some fantastic landmarks and dynamic horizons. In addition, North Tustin has some excellent neighborhoods with top-notch schools.

North Tustin, CA, can be broken into a few main areas. These areas are abundant in beautiful homes, stunning lawns, meticulous landscapes, and top-notch schools. A few wonderful neighborhoods with great schools in them are:

North Tustin has an enormous number of excellent schools. It is a great city that is abundant in opportunities for families. In addition, there are several great neighborhoods for families and many exceptional schools. 

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Best Schools in North Tustin

In no particular order below are the best schools in North Tustin:

A Few Tips For Choosing The Right School:

Choosing the right school for your child can be one of the most significant decisions of a caregiver's life. It can feel very overwhelming and stressful. Below are a handful of tips to keep in mind to choose the right school for your child.

  • Understand the range of academic difficulties. For example, does the school teach in various learning styles? For the students who require an accelerated curriculum, can the school provide it?
  • What kind of learning environments does the school provide for its students? 
  • What does the teaching look like? 
  • How many extracurriculars are available? Are they activities your child would benefit from and find enjoyment in?
  • Take a look at the schools' test scores.
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Neighborhoods in North Tustin, CA

Cowan Heights

Cowan Heights is an excellent neighborhood in North Tustin. It has a tremendous upscale city feel, with some of the best schools in North Tustin, CA. 

The best schools in Cowan Heights, CA are:

Tustin Memorial Academy

Tustin Memorial Academy is an excellent school in North Tustin. It offers advanced academic programs and an outdoor learning lab. The academy goes from kindergarten to grade 5. Tustin Memorial Academy also has excellent hot lunch options and excellent relations with parents/caregivers.

Arroyo Elementary School

Arroyo Elementary School is one of the best schools in North Tustin, CA. It hosts fun clubs and after-school activities. Arroyo Elementary School is one of the best schools in Cowan Heights, CA. Students enjoy clubs like the Birthday Book Club and the Arroyo choir. Arroyo Elementary School offers after-school programs offering students a diverse range of learning environments.

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Hewes Middle School

Hewes Middle School is home to students from grades 6-8. It has amazing educators and hosts many clubs and extracurricular activities. 

Clubs at Hewes Middle School:

  • Chess Club
  • F.O.R.
  • P.A.L.
  • Robotics Team
  • And much more!

Hewes Middle School also offers intramural sports and an inclusive environment. 

Foothill High School

Foothill High School is a busy and vibrant school. It is one of the best schools in Cowan Heights, CA, and offers students an enriching learning environment. In addition, Foothill High School offers a huge range of clubs, dances, fundraisers, and more. The high school also offers exceptional athletic programs.

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Panorama Heights

Panorama Heights is a prestigious neighborhood. The streets are lined with gorgeous homes with a lot of curb appeal. Many homes in Panorama Heights have luxurious features like spa-style bathrooms, wet bars, and more.

Best schools in Panorama Heights CA:

Panorama Elementary School

Panorama Elementary School is a school for kindergarten up to grade six. It employs top-notch educators who put their students' learning at the forefront of their teaching. Panorama Elementary School is a great school for children in Panorama Heights.

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Santiago Middle School

Santiago Middle school is a charter school. It provides students with unique learning opportunities. In addition, Santiago Middle School is an award-winning school with a multitude of clubs. 

There is a club for:

  • Soccer
  • Cheer
  • Music
  • Anime
  • Dance
  • And more!!

Lemon Heights

Lemon Heights is a beautiful neighborhood. It is filled with astounding homes. Lemon Heights is a great neighborhood for families and has some of the best schools in Tustin Ranch, CA. 

Top Schools in Lemon Heights:

Peters Canyon Elementary School

Peters Canyon Elementary School is exceptional. It does everything it can for students to excel and thrive. Peter's Canyon has a rigorous curriculum and hosts many clubs, intramurals, and other recreational opportunities for students.

Ladera Elementary School

Ladera Elementary School is a large school and by far one of the best schools in North Tustin, CA. It has a multitude of activities for its students and provides an outstanding, immersive learning experience. Ladera Elementary School provides students with exciting learning opportunities and great teachers invested in them.

How do you choose?

With such a vast range of exceptional schools, knowing which would be best for your child can be hard. Remember the future you envision for your child, how they learn best, what they're interested in and any other vital pieces of information. These top schools in North Tustin provide students with a diverse and inclusive learning experience, constantly challenging kids to be their best. These top schools are excellent. They have great teachers that are committed to enriching the students' lives. 

There are a few top schools in North Tustin to consider. They provide extensive athletic and academic opportunities. In addition, these schools support strong, excellent relationships with parents and caregivers and aim to have their students feeling supported and cared for.


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