.Must-Know: Best 5 Neighborhoods In Tustin Ranch, CA (2022)

Tustin Ranch, California, is a community in Orange County, a part of the greater Metropolitan Las Angeles area. It is a community planned and built on the historic Irvine Ranch. The Irvine company constructed the plan to build the community in 1982, and building began in 1986. While the land looks different, most street names are inspired by the former ranch. 

Before considering which neighborhood you are interested in, it's best to narrow down what your strongest desires are. For example - maybe you want to live close to schools or be able to walk to several parks, etc. Then, you can consider these types of things when narrowing down which neighborhood in Tustin Ranch, CA is best suited for you.

Tustin Ranch, California, is a combination of perfectly built communities around the golf course. Every detail has been thought of and cared for. The community has four schools in the Tustin Unified School District, which are perfect for all students. Living in Tustin Ranch, CA gives residents access to a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle with excellent school options, great stores, and other amenities.

Fun Facts - Tustin Ranch, CA

Tustin Ranch, CA has an exceptional school system and is easily accessible by plane, train, and car.

There are so, so many delicious restaurants to dine at. (In fact, that’s one thing the state of California is best known for.

California has the most state parks in all of America. As a result, residents have easy access to many spectacular parks and scenic places.

It also has SO much sunshine. Seriously. The state of California gets more than 260 days of sunshine per year!

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Neighborhoods In Tustin Ranch, CA

A few of the best neighborhoods in Tustin Ranch, CA are Aliso, Columbus Grove, Old Town Tustin, Tustin Meadows, and Tustin Legacy. Each of these has a diverse real estate market with great education options close nearby. 

1. Aliso

The neighborhood of Aliso is located near highway 55. The neighborhood is excellent for those who need to commute or travel regularly. Living in North Tustin, Ca, specifically in the neighborhood of Aliso, gives residents a rural feel to their community. There are long-lost train tracks and a well-loved dollar store within close walking distance. 

2. Columbus Grove

Columbus Grove is one of the best neighborhoods in Tustin Ranch, CA. The community oozes luxury, and its properties are of high value. You'll find a selection of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes in this community. In addition, there are a few great schools near Columbus Grove.

3. Old Town Tustin

Old Town Tustin is centered around several blocks of historic buildings. Some of the buildings in the neighborhood date back to the 1880s. Residents can enjoy self-guided tours throughout the community. Peeking around every corner of this neighborhood is further pieces of interesting history! 

4. Tustin Meadows

Tustin Meadows is by far one of the best neighborhoods in Tustin Ranch, CA. The community is close to excellent shopping and has its own clubhouse with a pool and childcare facilities. Tustin Meadows is a neighborhood that is truly designed for families. Many of the best schools in North Tustin, CA, are within close proximity to Tustin Meadows. It is truly a wonderful community. 

5. Tustin Legacy

Tustin Legacy in Tustin Ranch, California, is an exclusive planned community. The neighborhood has an enormous amount of amenities for residents such as parks, water parks, clubhouses, spas, and more. In addition, Tustin Legacy features an assortment of condos, townhomes, and elegant single-family homes.

Neighborhoods in Tustin Ranch, CA

Best Schools In Tustin Ranch, CA

Tustin Ranch has amazing education opportunities for its students. The Tustin Unified School District governs its schools. As a result, they have excellent academic and athletic programs both on and off-campus. In addition, the school district excels in its communication with parents, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for students.

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Schools in Tustin Ranch, CA

Things To Do In Tustin Ranch, CA

Because the city experiences nearly perfect weather every day, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside. As a result, there are many amazing places to hang out, visit, tour, sight-see, and explore. Tustin Ranch, California, is a sunshiny place. So whether you just pack a tote, grab your flip flops, hit the beach, or visit a museum, art gallery, or anything else, the area has it. Tustin Ranch has everything residents need to feel comfortable and happy.

Fun Things To Do In Tustin Ranch, CA

You can golf at Tustin Ranch Golf Club, visit Chemers Gallery, or spend an afternoon at Peppertree Park. Other activities include touring the Marconi Automotive Museum, going to the Tustin Area Museum, or visiting Cedar Grove Park.

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Best Restaurants In Tustin Ranch, CA

One of the best parts of living in California is the enormous number of outstanding restaurants you can dine at. Whatever you enjoy eating, whether it's traditional favorites, cozy comfort foods, seafood dishes, elegant cuisine, tasty Italian, or anything else, Tustin Ranch has a delightful restaurant waiting for you.

Some popular favorites include Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Aloha Hawaiian BBQ, Roma D’Italia, and Pizza Shack Tustin.

Restaurants in Tustin Ranch, CA

Key Takeaways

When considering which neighborhood to live in, Tustin Ranch, CA, you probably think of a few factors. Perhaps the amenities in and around the community, number of healthcare facilities, and restaurants are a few. The five best neighborhoods in Tustin Ranch, CA, are Aliso, Columbus Grove, Old Town Tustin, Tustin Meadows, and Tustin Legacy. What you can expect in each community varies, but one thing remains the same. These five neighborhoods are comfortable and provide residents with an easy, active lifestyle.


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